How best to care carpet?

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TecSOM cleaning and maintenance program has been conceived to allow you to protect and preserve the beauty of your flooring as long as possible. TecSOM guarantees you a complete warranty of our products if they are installed and maintained properly. Our cleaning and maintenance recommendations are divided into four steps:

In order to get the most value out of your flooring investment, you need to plan and execute regular cleaning and maintenance intervals. You can also install dirt-barrier system to reduce the degree of soiling.


Plan cleaning and maintenance frequency when installing a new carpet, given the volume of traffic and the type of soiling that the carpet will be subjected to. This may vary considerably from area to area and will require different solutions and frequencies of maintenance to be adopted.


In order to reduce the degree of soiling, especially in high-traffic areas (e.g. main entrances and walkways leading from a main entrance), we recommend an dirt-barrier system to be installed at each point of entry of the building. Efficient systems are based on a three-stage principle. Nearest the outside there is a scraper grid, in the center a “grass mat“ and finally a fibre mat to trap and absorb the remaining dirt on the building‘s inside.


An effective maintenance regime should include daily vacuum cleaning (3-5 slow passes) and immediate spot removal.
This will ensure that:
  •  Dry and bulk dirt can be permanently removed.
  •  Premature deformation of carpet pile can be prevented in high-traffic zones and areas where wheel chairs are used.
  •  The properties and appearance of your carpet remain.


The daily use of a high performance upright vacuum cleaner with power headed rotating brushes avoids the soil deep infiltration into the carpet and is highly effective in removal of dust and soil particles. To achieve an efficient and extensive cleaning performance, clean and change the brushes regularly. In sensitive and hygienic areas, the use of a vacuum cleaner with a microfilter is recommended.


Always remove stains as soon as possible. More than 80% of all stains can be easily removed simply using water.
  •  Remove solids with a spatula or a blunt knife
  •  Fresh wet spots (i.e. spilled liquids) blot with an absorbent cloth (i.e., paper towels ,white cotton cloth or micro fiber glove).
  • Dried substances can be eliminated by brushing or vacuuming. If this fails, scrape with a spatula or a blunt knife taking care not to damage the carpet.
  • Water-based spots are best treated first with water (i.e., sprinkled with water) and then blot up the residue.
  • Always use the appropriate cleaning materials and accessories to obtain a complete spot removal.

Several dry and wet cleaning methods are recommended: every 3 months for high-trafic areas, 6-12 months for all other areas. The cleaning can be implemented on a partial area or over the whole installation.
For the appropriate interim cleaning method for our different product types, see the overview on pages 4-5. Always test the proposed method on an inconspicuous area of the floor covering before you clean total surface to ensure colour fastness.


  • Vacuum carpet deeply.
  • Spray textile flooring with the pre-cast foam either with a pump or fingertip dispenser (aerosol spray).
  • Rub the foam into the pile.
  • After drying time, brush and soak up the foam which contains dirt.


Powder cleaning has the advantage that no drying time is necessary and the room stays accessible and can be walked on evan during the cleaning.
  • Vacuum carpet deeply.
  • Spray the cleaning powder. Approximately 50 – 100 g/ m² depending on the degree of soiling.
  • Using a contra rotating brush machine, brush the powder into the pile lengthwise and in a lateral direction. This will dislodge dust and soil particles in the carpet pile.
  • After the recommended application time, remove the powder with a vacuum cleaner.


Pad cleaning is a very environmentally friendly method, because it works without water. This procedure has to be performed before carpet looks too dirty:
  • Carry out an extensive vacuum clean before the use of the cleaning pads.
  • Spray the cleaner on the textile flooring.
  • Set the pad on a bonnet cleaner which has a special rotary disk.
  • Let the machine with the pad rotate on the carpet using a circular action.
  • Soil is dissolved and sticks to the pad.
Pad cleaning is a relatively gentle procedure in which carpet remains dry. It can be applied within 20-30 minutes.


Depending on the degree of soiling the textile flooring, a final periodic cleaning procedure has to be carried out one or two times a year. This is the last phase in thoroughly cleaning the carpet and comprehends either spray extraction or shampooning, or a combination of both. Always test the proposed method on an inconspicuous area of the floor covering before proceeding with a full clean to ensure colour fastness.


The choice of a spray extraction is recommended for light soiling and for cleaning stairs.
  •  Carry out an extensive vacuum clean.
  •  Inject textile flooring with an extraction cleaner and leave for a while to react.
  • After reaction time, use an extraction machine. First rinse the cleaning liquid out with adequate water. Next using the extraction machine absorb the cleanser and water until the textile floor is free of cleaning residues.
  • Whilst the carpet is drying the carpet should not be walked on. Once dry use a power headed vacuum cleaner to achieva a satisfactory appearance. 

  • Carry out an extensive vacuum clean
  • Apply the shampoo with a one disk shampoo brush machine using a circular action, which dislodges dirt and soil.
  • Following the same method as Extraction cleaning: rinse with cold water to extract the soiling and remaining shampoo. 


For best performance, we recommend to use an extraction/shampoo process that removes and absorbs soil and dirt particles by mechanical treatment and chemical reaction. After shampoo, use water extraction machine to rinse the remaining dirt particles and clean residues out.

Once dry, use a power headed vacuum cleaner to add the perfect finishing touch.

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