LVT Novelty: STONE line

2020, September

Written by Lou Ancelin
The mineral elements that surround us have always been part of the designers favourite themes who draw inspiration from them and reproduce them in all kinds of functional items. Thanks to advanced technology, LG HAUSYS has managed to give the perfect appearance of a natural material to a synthetic product whose technical features are suitable for intensive professional use and meet current environmental standards.

Due to the recent collaboration between TecSOM and the Korean manufacturer, we are pleased to offer our customers this magnificent LVT range designed on the theme of cut stone.

2 versions                                            
DECORIGID with fixing clips and DRYBACK to install with adhesive.

2 formats
DECORIGID : boards 228 x 1220 mm and tiles 450 x 900 mm
DRYBACK : boards 228.6 x 1219,2 mm and tiles 457.2 x 914,4 mm

An hyper realistic high-tech paving
The product faithfully reproduces the aesthetics of cut stone, down to the smallest detail: grain, texture, colour... by using the patented technologies "Smart Design" (reduction of design repetitions) and "Rigid Core" (perfect stiffness). The product also benefits from a PUR UV surface treatment "Stone Shield" to prevent scratches, stains, footstep prints... and to repel water. Actually, it is a very easy-to-maintain flooring and it remains beautiful for a long time.

We have carefully selected 9 references for you, 7 of which are inspired by the dynamic texture of polished concrete and 2 by the freshness of marble.


Eco-friendly technological perks 
The product shows a very low dilation rate and excellent dimensional stability (0.05%). It withstands extreme temperatures (it is used in Australia and India) and it is highly resistant to shocks, punching and heavy, static or rolling loads (pallet truck, trolley,...). This anti-slip flooring (R10) features an exceptional Bfl-S1 fire resistance rating and is durable enough to be used in class 23/33/43 applications.
  Its acoustic efficiency is 22 dB.
LVT WOOD is free of phthalates and heavy metals. Emitted VOC rate is less than 25 µg/m3 after 28 days.
DECORIGID with fixing clips
The product can be installed immediately at the time of reception on any type of soil, including ceramic tiling (minus sprung floors and carpeting). It is easy to install thanks to the VALINGE 5Gc fastening system that guarantees stability and tightness. Immediate transit after installation.


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