Pave Architects presents TecSOM tiles imagined by PAVE MIKKONEN Tuesday, November 7th at 10 am in Oulu, Finland

November 7th 2017
PAVE Architects Ltd. is a Finnish design office, whose leader and Creative Director PAVE MIKKONEN is known for his desire for wholeness in his work.

For TecSOM, Pave Mikkonen imagined three carpet tiles, with the idea of ​​studying the beauty of the winter nature of the North. The design of his tiles shows infinite variations in the play of light and darkness.

In partnership with Oulu based Interior shop and TecSOM partner Matto Nurminen, Pave Mikkonen presents his different creations during a day at his office in Oulu.

In addition, his design has been selected by the famous French interior magazine "Marie-Claire Maison" for its design exhibition "Parisian Styles" at the City Hall of Paris in October.

If you are in Oulu this Tuesday, November 7th, come and discover the work of this talented designer!

To know more about PAVE MIKKONNEN and to see his designs, please visit:
TecSOM - Créateur français de sols textiles depuis 1881